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Water-gear, such as surfboards, is available in little stores along the main road. Camels and horses (and their friendly riders) are also available if you're too tired to make the trek from one side of the beach to the other, on the South side of Taghazout. See What to Bring for information on Books.

The nearest tourist office is the ONMT located in Agadir on the balcony level of Immeuble A, entered off Av. Sidi Mohamed along the raised walkway opposite the post office. There is also a Syndicat d'Initiative on Bd.
Mohammed V (tel: 08/84-03-07), opposite the campsite. On the whole, if you need to go to a bank, visit an
embassy or consulate office, or are in need of medical service, it is recommended that you go to Agadir. Refer to the Agadir Directory for details.



A small postal office is located in the centre of the village. Stamps can be bought in thelittle
store next to the Gendarmerie which is located on theSouth side of the village heading towards the Panorama restaurant.


As of this writing, the only Internet Cafe in Taghazout just recently closed down and is not expected tore-open, therefore, one must go to Agadir to access the internet. However, hopefully, a new internet cafe will open in the near future(at which time, this site will surely post an announcement).When there is an Internet Cafe in town, the connection is normally slow and sometimes problematic, causing the Internet Cafe to shutdown for a day or two.


There are two Teleboutiques, one located on the Northern end of the main road, and one located just offthe main road on a side street in the center of town. Both are open from 9am to 10pm (22.00). The teleboutiques basically consist of a row of phone booths. An attendant is present to exchange your larger bills for change, which you will need a lot of if you planning on having phone conversations more than 30 seconds long.

The main religion among the Berbers here is Islam. Five times a day, the call for prayer "Allah Akbar" can be heard dividing the day into five periods of worship: daybreak, noon, afternoon, the closing of the day, and night time. The mosque, located in the center of the village, is open to al Muslims.

The Office for the Gendarmerie (police) is located on the road leading from the bottom of the square towards the South of Agadir, on the way to the Panorama restaurant. The office is open for emergency service 24/7.

While Morocco has been known to be a bit more relaxed about the (discreet) use of hashish (or kif as it is known there), it is, by law, illegal. Possession of hard narcotics (ecstasy, cocaine, etc.) is a serious offence. In Taghazout in particular, the Gendarmerie (police) presence is hard to miss. So just be sure that your stay in Taghazout does not end up being a stay in prison

Beaches of taghazout

Abouda beach (27 km from Agadir)

There are several beaches north of Agadir , which all offer a good alternative to the town beach. The setting of these beaches can be most attractive, with mountains on all sides, yet with a wide and clean beach with all necessary amenities

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