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The Berber people originally resided in the foothills of the surrounding mountains and used the village purely as a place to store their fishing equipment. As the Spanish increased their hold on the area in the 19th Century, factories and Mosques were built in order to house the Berber people and the village grew into a larger community. Nowadays Taghazout is a multi-cultural haven, with residents from all over the world and a mix of the retired wealthy, to the modern day hippies waiting for the next wave. In a similar fashion to Calangute beach in Goa India and Kuta on the island of Bali Indonesia, a beach just south of the village became famous in the late 1960s as a destination for young adventurers to base themselves while exploring southern Morocco. On occasion, several hundred would reside in tents, makeshift buildings, and camper vans.


If you hold a full passport from North America, Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or the Scandinavian Countries, you require no visa to enter Morocco for up to ninety days. Among European nations, only Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg citizens require visas - imposed in response to restrictions placed on visiting Moroccans. If your three months are up and you wish to extend your stay in Morocco, the easiest way to is to leave the country For a few days and re-enter through a different post. If your very unlucky, you may be turned back and asked to
obtain a re-entry visa prior to your return. If you would prefer to stay within the country, you can try applying officially to the Bureau des étrangers (in the nearest main. town) for a residence permit, but it is a very complicated procedure. For more details on extending stays or applying for visas, contact your Moroccan Consulate abroad.


For minor health complaints, there is a pharmacy located on the South side of the main road running through
Taghazout, but if you need hospital treatment, the nearest hospital is in Agadir. The purchase of travel insurance is highly recommended for all travellers travelling to any destination.


There are no inoculations officially required for travellers to Morocco, but you should always be up-to-date with polio and tetanus immunizations. Some doctors also advise inoculation against typhoid and hepatitis A and B. Anti-bacterial medications are useful for diarrhoea, as well as typhoid prevention, particularly when travelling in the South. DIET: In order to avoid digestion problems, however, it is recommended that you watch your diet for at least the firs three days upon your arrival in a foreign country. This also concerns fresh fruits and vegetables.
WATER: Tap-water isn’t drinkable and is only used for dish-washing, bathing and laundry. Tap-water is precious, particularly in the more rural regions of Morocco (Taghazout being no exception), and should be used sparingly and conserved with care. Purified bottle water is inexpensive and sold everywhere. The brand with the most’ refreshing' taste is Sidi Ali, however, there are also other brands available such as Bahia and Sidi Harazem (the taste of which this author found particularly questionable). Note hat many of the river valleys and oasis in the South are said to be infected with bilharzias, so avoidance of all contact with slow-flowing rivers and oasis water is a wise precaution


There are few natural hazards surrounding the more populated areas of Morocco (particularly the North), however, be wary of snakes, palm rats or scorpions if you choose to venture into the Sahara, as their bites can be very deadly. Heatstroke is also a common problem for travellers, so make sure you are adequately protected against the sun and drink lots of water.

The local currency in Morocco is the dirham (abbrev. dh).Some current exchange rates go as follows:
1USD to 10,75dh1CDN to 6,91dh1EUR to 10,47dh 1HKD to 1,38dh 1YEN to 0,09dh
For other currency conversions, For most international visitors, Morocco is fairly inexpensive and, often, very good value in terms of food, accommodation and travel. By European and North American standards, costs are low, and if you stay in cheaper hotels (or camp out), eat local food, and share expenses with another person, you could get by on a shoestring budget of about $15-25USD per day. Budget even higher, and you will find yourself living quite comfortably. Note that there are no banks or ATM machines taghazout, so make sure you withdraw money before your arrival. If you run out or need some more, you can always head to Agadir.

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Taghazout, is a small fishing village 19 km (12 miles) north of the city of Agadir in the south west of Morocco. The inhabitants are mostly of Berber origin. Fishing, tourism, and the production of Argan oil being the main source of income. The developing tourism industry promises to increase the wealth of the area.

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