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Taghazout north of Agadir surf spots video

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 List of 50 best surf spots in  the south and north of Taghazout

Taghazout is a surfing village par excellence. Here is a list of all the known surfing points in the area, beginning with the first with is just 12 km from Agadir.

1.Tama WanZa: (banana village)

Right before the village of Aourir (banana village).this surfing point is well known for its simple and small waves of a about 1-1.5m. After building up an appetite surfing all day, satiate your hunger with  a Berber tagine at banana  village where they serve the best Tagines in southern morocco.

2.  Imuran: (Devil’s Rock)(Rocher de diable):

This point is right in front the village of Tamraght and extends north towards Taghazout. the waves are tubular and flow left 2 km to the south of banana beach. Checker required.

3. Du lkkcLa  (panorama point).

Just opposite of the panorama, this point's waves are rapid and round.

4. Taghrat Ijja n jaâa (hash point):

For those like to surf and smoke, this point offers a place to relax and watch the beautiful waves breaking right onto the beach.

5. Tiskt n buirdn (Anchor point):

A surfing point where anyone can hang out in a friendly atmosphere.  Boasting big waves that are well known throughout in morocco, but watch out to the north, where the waves break close to the rocks as there are always accidents and Brocken boards.

6. Buyirdn: (La Bouilloire ) (the kettle):

Powerful waves, Point break right, sharp rocks and sand, North-East winds and low semi-tide. Consistent and powerful waves just south of cap ghir. Car park and panoramique view for photo opportunities. The large  kettle begins opposite the sea foam, but i not easy to enter and leave the water, particularly due to the sea urchins.

7. Killer point .

Point breaks right, sharp rocks and sand.  Semi-tides and all tides.  Eastward winds thus named because whales of the same name are known to frequent the area. Waves begin opposite a large rock then come in. sheltered from north winds. Pay attention to the caves opposite. Paths can be slippery.

8. Timzgida Σllal: (La Source)

Waves with break broadly, to the left.   Sharp rocks and sand.

Semi-tide, all tides, north-Easterly winds. Inside Mystery Point.  Mild waters  but rocky beach.

9. ifran n buirdn  (Mester point):

Everyone's favourite hang-out.  point break right. Sharp rocks and sand.  Low North Easter-Winds. Restricted take-off zone,  and strong tides.  Swells of average size . Campsite added recently.

10. Tiskt n imswan (Imsouane point)

Point break right. Sharp toks. high tides with North-Easterly winds. good waves.

11. Aftas n ayt amr. (Tamri Beach):

Moving peaks, sandy beach, low tides, good wind. Point break approximately 4 km from the village.  Waves, Sewell off-shore.

moving peaks, sandy beach, low tides, good wind. Point break approximately 4 km from the village. Waves, Sewell off-shore.

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