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Between November and the beginning of April, the temperature is said to be the most pleasant, and the village only sees a handful of tourists. But note that during the winter season, the sea is known to be a little rough and parents are advised to watch their children during this time. From April onwards, as the summer sets in, so does the heat, and oftentimes, you may find yourself retreating indoors or taking frequent dips in the ocean to escape it. But if you happen to make a trip during the months of July or August, be prepared to see Taghazout invaded by Moroccan tourists on their summer vacations, crowding every square inch of beach. Good luck getting in and out of the village on weekends during this time, when hundreds line up to board a single bus, and bumper-to bumper traffic can be seen extending out of Taghazout asfar as the eye can see.


CLOTHING: in general, you can prepare to dress for relatively warm to hot weather. But it is recommended that you bring at least one sweater or jacket as the climate is dry, and temperatures may dip in the evenings.


If you plan on doing any swimming, surfing or other water-related activities, you may bring your own gear. There is also gear available for rent if you do not have your own. Also, don't forget to bring sunscreen and / ora hat to protect yourself from the sun.
BOOKS: If you're a beach bum but not much of a surfer, it’s a good idea to bring your own books as the selection in Taghazout is very limited - think the drugstore shelf variety of yesteryear. Sometimes, people do leave behind books which are then collected and sold at the campsite. So if one of your titles happens to go missing, you may very well be able to buy it back at a reasonable price. Trades can also be negotiated.


Asa special note for female travellers, you may want to consider bringing a good pair of sunglasses and extra loose-fitting, long sleeved garments if you intend on travelling further in Morocco, particularly to smaller, rural areas where women in general dress more modestly. You will find that you will not be such a target of (sometimes overly persistent) attention. In Taghazout, large modern cities (such as Rabat and Casablanca - except in high tourist areas such as souks) and in other areas of Southern Morocco, this does not seem to be as much of a problem as in Northern Morocco since the atmosphere is generally more relaxed, and the younger generations, modern, open minded and accustomed to tourists. For more information about what female travellers should expect when travelling Morocco, please visit the link page or keep an eye out for our upcoming feature article.


If you happen to be bringing electrically-powered items, be sure that they are compliant with 220V.
The main language spoken in Taghazout is Tachelhit, dialect of the Berber language. Moroccan Arabic and French are also fluently spoken and understood, and many also speak some English as well, particularly in the restaurants and other places servicing tourists. However, learning at least a little bit of Berber is a good idea and will be well received by the locals and seen as an effort to reach out and understand their culture.


From The airport:

To get from the Airport to Agadir, you can catch a Grand Taxi from the airport into central Agadir for a standard fare of 150dh. If you would like to share the fare to cut costs(the taxis can hold six people), arrange this inside the terminal and be prepared to wait, since the taxi will not leave until it is full. A cheaper alternative would be to walkout to the road in front of the airport and catch the white bus (every 40 minutes) for 3dh/person to the suburb of Inezgane, a major transport hub (and not much else). Then from Inezgane, you can take either the frequent local #5 or #6 buses to Agadir. Unfortunately, there is no direct bus from the airport to central Agadir.


Wo bus companies service the route in between Agadir and Taghazout. From Agadir, you can catch the local bus 12 or 61 to Taghazout from either Place Salam or Boulevard Mohammed V. If there are no buses, you can take a taxi, but expect to pay a much higher rate in the evenings than during the daytime.

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