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When taking the bus into Taghazout from Agadir, first you will pass a small, thin village known as Banana village.
Then, not long afterwards, you will turn onto a road lined with flagpoles displaying the Moroccan flag, a bold, fireenginered flag with a dark green five-pointed star in the centre. This main road is the only main road running through Taghazout and it basically divides the town into half, with the road running through it from North to South. Along this main road is a long line-up of restaurants and general supply stores, as well as a large square surrounded by little stalls selling crafts and groceries. Shooting off from this square are roads leading down (or Westward) towards the ocean. This is where most of the tourists automatically
head and, thus, where the inns are, as well as a few beachside cafés.
Anything East of the main road (up the hill) is basically local, residential neighbourhood, though beyond Taghazout lies a vast terrain of rolling hills which can make for some beautiful excursions into the countryside, as well as to neighbouring Berber villages.

If one thing is abundant in Taghazout it is "good eats". The first thing one notices when they enter the village is all the restaurants lined up along the main road. The funny thingis, they pretty much all serve the same typical French-
Moroccan fare butter and baguettes, orange juice, salads, soups, omelettes, couscous and tagines. The quality, service and prices do vary a little from one to the next, but generally, they are all fairly similar. It is more the atmosphere - such as the seating arrangement and music selection - that will most likely determine which place will become your dine-in of choice. Most notably, the Restaurant Florida, located on the far left-hand side of the 'lineup', somehow manages to pull off a more refined atmosphere and boasts a damn good tagine to boot. Also, be sure to check out the more casual beach-side cafes such as Auberge, which has a nice, long outdoor patio perfect for people watching, Cafe d 'Aftas, which has a
more funky, laidback Rasta feel - Bob Marley guaranteed -not to mention the best vegetarian salad, and the Panorama which, holding true to its name, faces a spectacular view of the beach to the South which stretches as far as the eye can see. For the most part, vegetarians are safe as long as you stick to salads (which, fortunately, are as fresh as they come) and request the vegetarian equivalent of the usual fare: sandwiches, soups, tagines and couscous. If you eat eggs, you can also request vegetarian omelettes. There are also a few little stall-like cafes on the Southern end of the road that offer lentils. A note about beverages, the classic beverage, for which Morocco is well-known, is mint tea - a concoction ofboiling water, sprigs of mint and lots of sugar. While it mayat first taste like 'tea-gone-wrong', there is good reason why tea-drinking is a classic, communal past-time among Moroccans, and after a few glasses, it will no doubt become yours too. It is both a charming ritual and abonding experience, but we'll just let you try it out for yourself. In addition to tea, Morocco is also blessed with having ubiquitous freshly-squeezed orange juice. A must try.

For groceries and general needs, there are many little convenience stores around, particularly around the main
street leading from the square down towards the beach. The day of the Souk for the Berber community is Wednesday and it is held at Banana Village, which is about 12km from Agadir. For a more all-out shopping experience, there is a Grand Souk in Agadir which is open 7am to 7pm (19.00)daily except Monday.
If you are staying in budget accommodation such as one of the inns in Taghazout, chances are you will only have
access to a cold shower. If you require more elaborate bathing arrangements, you may visit the public bath known as the hammam.

As of this writing, there are no big five-star hotels in Taghazout, nor will there be any in the near future to crimp the village's small-town style. So for accommodation, youcan expect to either rent a room from one of the inns (orl auberge, as it is known in French), or find a room in a
local residence. There are many beautiful apartments available for rent at negotiable prices and to suit a variety of needs - such as close to the beach, far from the beach, close to the hammam, far from the hammam. All it takes isa little legwork - or you can also take a look at our Listing of Apartments Available for Rent.

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